Maker Square - 2"x6"x12" - UMT/GMT Attachment


Maker Square - 2"x6"x12" - UMT/GMT Attachment


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Product description
Maker Squares have a wide variety of uses, whether it be used to make a frame square or used as an extension for a table, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
  • Cut on a CNC laser with precision accuracy 
  • Cut out of 1/4" Steel
  • Compatible with 5/8" Tooling and Tables (UMT&GMT)
  • Available in Many Different Sizes
  • Features a radius angle finder on one side of the square while the opposite side offers a slotted design for almost infinite angles and uses.


2" Wide x 12" Tall x 6" Deep


Included with purchase:

Quantity of 2:  6"x12" x 1/4" Thick Maker Square Sides

Quantity of 1:  6"x2" x 1/4" Thick Maker Square Base

 Quantity of 1:  12"x2" x 1/4" Thick Maker Square Base


** Let us know if you would like to have both sides with the radius angle finder or both sides of the square with the slotted design. **

This product does NOT come assembled.  YOU will be required to weld this out and ensure that it is square.

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