Lumber Log - Maker Welding Kit - DIY Weld Kit


Lumber Log - Maker Welding Kit - DIY Weld Kit


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Product description

We designed the Lumber Log Welding Kit specifically for the first time welder.  The fastest way to improve your welding is to run a LOT of passes.  This is the perfect project to hone your skills and experiment with your heat, wire speed and travel speed.  Changing the welding process will change the look of your log so feel free to try it out with mig, tig, stick or flux core.  Practice tying in each weld with the one before it and see what happens when you switch between a stringer or weave using this ready to weld kit!



1 x 12" tube

2 x End Caps

2 x X-Base parts

1 x Crossbar

1 x Hatchet

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