4 ft Sheet Metal Brake - DXF FILES


4 ft Sheet Metal Brake - DXF FILES


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Product description

Item Description:

Make your own 4 ft Sheet Metal Brake with this set of DXF files and a few readily available parts.  Once assembled this machine can bend up to 4 ft of 18 ga mild steel sheet saving you weld inches when fabricating 3D parts from sheet metal.

**This is a DIY project and the results depend on your skill and attention during the fabrication process. excessive heat during welding, improper alignment of the hinges and substituting other parts/materials will all affect the performance and longevity of this machine.  It is not intended to be the best brake you've ever used, it is intended to be a fun project that will teach you a lot about fabricating and give you the opportunity to learn the basics of metal forming at a low cost.

WE SUPPLY: DXF files to cut the flat parts (7 ga)



2 x 48" angle iron 2" x 2" x 1/4" wall

2 x bullet hinges 3"

4 x All thread with nuts 5/8" x 4.75" Long

Welder and hustle muscle


Over all dimensions:

17" Tall x 58" Wide x 6" Deep



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