Since the invention of the Bessemer process in 1850, metal shaping and fabrication has been limited to heavy industry and infrastructure projects. Leaving the cheaper materials like wood and plastic for domestic use. Steel was simply too difficult to work with and required huge, expensive equipment to process efficiently. Today, computer controlled torches and tool positioners make the process much more efficient. Our CNC plasma table uses no tooling or special dies, it relies on computer code instead of specially machined jigs. This allows us to modify our designs based on your needs not the other way around. We don't have to make 10,000 of the same thing, we can make 10,000 things differently. Metal fabrication is no longer measured by the ton, it's available for everyone.

Adam Heffner - Founder

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Adam Heffner Founder Maker Table

With 6 years of metal fabrication experience Adam can create anything you can imagine. He learned his skills in the Ironworkers Union, building bridges and skyscrapers across California and Tennessee. Maker Table is his creative outlet for art & furniture.

Stefanie Heffner - Lead Designer


Stefanie works on the designs, converting logos and creating fresh proofs for custom projects. She has developed an eye for scale, proportion and typography. When she's not busy making awesome designs, she enjoys pole dancing and feminist activism.

Dillon Nevil - Operations

A one man plasma cutting, welding, grinding and shipping army.  He makes and finishes all the signs and gets them headed to your doorstep.  He is the hardest working member of the team and is a stickler for efficiency and quality.

Sara Wilkinson - Design & Sales

Sara has 3 years experience as a graphic designer and is well prepared to turn your great idea into metal! When she's not behind the computer she enjoys racing dirtbikes with her two children.

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