Columbus Hilton - Downtown Columbus
December, 2021

- Powder coated Hanging Liquor Shelves with Sliding Cabinets
- Tube Fin Wall with Botom Lighting Accents
- Custom Wrapping display Racks and Fin Walls
- Powder coated Tube Wave Entry Way to Bar Area

Doughbird Pizza + Chicken -
Green Hills Nashville
January, 2023

- Decorative Architectural Shelf Rods, Handrails & Siding
- Custom Rods with Glass Seperation Panels
- Black Powder Coated Outdoor Panels
- Custom Mirror/Window Siding, Shelves & Arches
- Custom Designed Kitchen Range Hood

Midtown Union - Downtown Atlanta
September, 2022

- Custom Powder Coated Metal Liquor Shelves
- Black Powder Coated Wrapped and Riveted Column
- Curved Aluminum Light Fixture on Column
- Custom Powder Coated Locking Liquor Boxes

Children's Memory Garden -
Centennial Park Nashville
August, 2022

- The Children’s Memory Garden, located in Nashville’s Centennial Park, remembers local children who lost their lives to violence.
- Stainless Steel Lighthouse
- Hand-formed Stainless Steel Arm Rests

Vanderbilt Residential College B -
Vanderbilt University RCB Nashville
August, 2022

- Ornamental Exterior Grabrails & Handrails
- Ornamental Courtyard Terrace Fencing & Railing
- Custom Wrought Iron Portal Gates
- Ornamental Iron Louver Screens

Fallyn Apartments -
West End Nashville
July, 2022

- Perforated Metal Hand Railing
- Black Iron Stair Base Trim
- Ornamental Interior Grabrails & Handrails
- Architectural Iron Work Booth Panels

Hotel Fraye Nashville Midtown -
West End Nashville
July, 2022

- Custom High Gloss Black Wall Cladding & Entryway

The Twelve Thirty Club -
Downtown Nashville
March, 2021

- Decorative Architectural Handrails & Grabrails
- Ornamental Guardrails with Glass Panel Inserts
- Ornamental stair Light Trim
- Custom Brass Finish VIP Bar Trim

Love Circle Residence - Downtown Nashville
May, 2021

- Custom Bronze Range Hood & Sliding Shelves
- Metal Wrapped Fireplace Surround

Go Noodle - Downtown Nashville
September, 2020

- Custom Powder Coated Metal Planter Shelf
- Waterfall edge Bartop & Table
- Booths and Metal/Wood Partition walls
- Chamfered Painted Wood Top Conference Table

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