1.5M x 1M Metric Universal Maker Table - DXF Files (GEN 2)


Plate Thickness

6mm 10mm

1.5M x 1M Metric Universal Maker Table - DXF Files (GEN 2)


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Plate Thickness

6mm 10mm
Product description

Take on the big shops with these Plasma Maker Table DXF files.  We did the heavy lifting in CAD so you can cut a precision welding surface using any CNC cutting operation plasma, laser or waterjet. See video below for plasma cutting options

What's the difference between the Plasma Maker Table and the Ultimate Maker Table?

It really comes down to one thing, tolerance.  The PLASMA DXF files have a generous tolerance of 0.03" (1/33") built into each connection to compensate for the variable kerf in plasma, laser and waterjet cutting operations.  This is why the files work on any well maintained CNC machine. 

What does that mean in the real world?

The Plasma Maker Table DXF files were made to help ANYONE in the world make a precision welding surface at the lowest possible cost regardless of budget or available equipment. So I had to make some compromises to make that possible.  The Plasma Maker Table DXF files fit up looser, take more skill to create square corners and can have some crowning on the short axis. If you are an experienced fabricator you can make this table a precision instrument in your shop by taking your time and using your skills.  If you are on a tight budget and have extra time the DXF files are the right move.  If you NEED a precision surface to build a business get the Ultimate Maker Table Parts Kit.

**2/4/2020 - Every table I use in my shop was cut with these Plasma DXF Files not the new Ultimate Maker Table design.  You can achieve perfect corners and flatness to 0.03" over 12 feet if you take your time.


Overall Dimensions

1.5M x 1M x 150mm

5/8" holes spaced 50mm on center will fit 16 mm or 5/8" clamps and fixtures.

NO SPECIAL TOOLING REQUIRED! Quick Clamp Slots on edges for easy clamping with your existing R-11 clamps.  

These are the cut files only, no actual parts will be shipped.  An instant download link will be emailed to you after checkout.  It is up to you to manage the cutting process with your local supplier and set the specifications for an acceptable cut tolerance. 


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