Sign Mounting 101 | A Complete Guide to Displaying Your Newest Metal Masterpiece

Sign Mounting 101 | A Complete Guide to Displaying Your Newest Metal Masterpiece

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Hanging your new sign can get a bit more complicated than you may think! Where to mount it, what hardware to use, and how to get it perfectly level? No worries - we got you. This guide will give you tips and tricks on how to hang your metal sign!

Standard Mounting Holes

The standard-sized mounting holes that come cut into your sign measure 1/4" in diameter. Luckily, hardware in this size is very easy to find! You can find the appropriate screws at your local hardware store. 

Step one: Determine the surface that you're working with. Are you mounting into drywall? You'll need to make sure before drilling into your wall. Try to push a push pin into the wall, if it goes in with little resistance then you're working with drywall. It's easier to identify when you're working with wood or masonry. 

** The most important step when mounting to drywall is to ensure that you're on a stud. Metal signs have a tendency to get heavy, therefore we do not recommend that you mount your new sign straight into drywall. You can use a stud finder to locate your stud. You can also utilize the tried and true tapping method! Simply tap your knuckle along the wall until the sound is solid rather than hollow. 

Step two: Find the correct hardware for your project! The surface that you're mounting the sign to definitely affects the best type of hardware to use. 

Drywall Anchors: Drywall anchors can support anywhere from 10lbs to 60lbs 

Wood Screws: Best used for mounting your sign to a wood surface. 

Masonry Hardware: Self-tapping screws will work best for surfaces such as concrete, brick, or stone. 

Above: A sample photo of 1/4" mounting holes mounting to wood fencing 

Hanging Holes

Hanging your new sign is a totally unique way to display your sign - especially if you do not want to drill holes into your mounting surface. Hanging holes are a great alternative! Our standard hanging holes measure 1/2" in diameter. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to hanging holes. You can really display your sign in a unique way! Check out some hanging inspiration below. 

Above: An example of 1/2" hanging holes shown hanging from a wooden post via steel hooks 

Above: An example of 1/2" hanging holes shown hanging from the ceiling via chains

Floating Mounts

Floating mounts are the perfect way to display your sign with some dimension! Standard floating mounts will sit approximately 1" off of the mounting surface. This mounting method will require that screws be predrilled prior to mounting. So you'll have to do a little measuring to get the screws drilled in the correct place. However, the end product is a super cool floating sign! Check out some example photos below. 

Above: A Compass Rose with 1" floating mounts mounted to concrete


Above: A custom sign with 1" floating mounts and backlighting

Now that you're familiar with our mounting styles and options - you're ready to get drillin', hangin', or floatin'! No matter your vision for your sign, we've got you covered! Happy hangin'!

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