Eclectic Home Decor Idea - Swing Away Bar Stool

Eclectic Home Decor Idea - Swing Away Bar Stool

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Eclectic home decor is a style that combines elements from various design styles, periods, and cultures to create a unique and personalized look. It's all about mixing and matching different pieces, textures, colors, and patterns to create a visually interesting and cohesive space. Here are some key features and tips for achieving an eclectic home decor:

A swing-away bar stool is a type of seating furniture commonly used in bars, kitchens, and entertainment areas. It features a mechanism that allows the seat to rotate or swivel horizontally, usually in a 360-degree motion, around a central axis.

The main purpose of our swing-away bar stools are to provide ease of movement and convenience for the person sitting on it. It allows the user to effortlessly turn in different directions without having to get up or reposition the stool manually. The best part is that they are able to lay flat against the wall when not in use. This makes it easier to socialize, reach for items, or interact with others in a bar or kitchen setting.

17.5" Open Design

Swing-away bar stools are a popular choice in commercial establishments like bars, restaurants, and cafes, as well as in residential settings where a bar or kitchen island is present. They offer flexibility, functionality, and a touch of style, making them a practical seating option for both personal and professional use.

12.5" Rectangle Design

These stools come in various styles, and designs, ranging from traditional to modern, and are made of steel with wood seats. They can be found with different seat shapes such as round or tractor. The various styles include rectangle, zigzag, open, and personalized Monogram

12.5" Personalized Monogram Design

How To Mount: The swing-away stools come in two different arm lengths - 12.5" and 17.5". Both of the arm variations will measure 19.5" from the wall. This extra length accounts for the mounting bracket. Take that into account when planning your seating space! When folded in, the stool sits approximately 7" off of the mounting surface.

Each seat can hold up to 775.5 pounds once installed properly - (this was tested in-house with an oil drum and a forklift). To install it properly, you will need to mount it to a solid surface such as concrete. If you aren't mounting to a solid surface, then you need to add blocking. This can be 2' x 4's or 4' x 4' posts. Do not mount straight to drywall or thin wood. If you have questions, feel free to contact us or your local contractor for more specific advice regarding your mounting plan.

Measurement drawings of mounted seat

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