Keep Calm & Organize for Back to School

Keep Calm & Organize for Back to School

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Organizing for school is crucial for a successful and stress-free school year. Organizing the day-to-day things for some reason is the most frustrating. The kids literally drop each item in a trail as they make their way to their favorite electronics.  Not to mention all the paperwork, school activities, PTO meetings etc. that you need to keep track of. Here are a few things that you can implement in your home to keep the school year a breeze. 

Create a School/Family Calendar:

 Adding a family calendar to the home can be a game changer. Designating a space for a large calendar where you can mark important dates, holidays, and school activities. You can use bright-colored markers to make it visually appealing and easy to read. Keep track of all the after-school activities with this as well. 

Organize Backpack Clutter:

One of the most frustrating things is when the kids come home from school and leave their backpacks in the middle of the floor. Create a designated spot for their packs with these personalized custom backpack hangers. The image on this rack can be changed as well to match the theme of your home. Just message me and I can help you design the perfect item for your hanger.  

Keep Track of Important Papers with a Magnet Board:

The first couple weeks of school feel like endless paperwork you must keep track of. Papers to sign, announcements, meet the teacher, when the PTO is meeting, etc. Using a magnet board is the perfect way to keep all the papers together. You could even write side notes of when they need to be turned in. 

Minimalist Hooks for Storage:

There is always a shortage of storage.. in every house. There is no denying this. There is not always room for full shelves to be hung. These heavy-duty hooks are the perfect solution to having some extra storage while maintaining that minimalist vibe. 

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