5' x 1' Ultimate Maker Table Extension Wing
5' x 1' Ultimate Maker Table Extension Wing
5' x 1' Ultimate Maker Table Extension Wing
5' x 1' Ultimate Maker Table Extension Wing
5' x 1' Ultimate Maker Table Extension Wing
5' x 1' Ultimate Maker Table Extension Wing
Maker Table

5' x 1' Ultimate Maker Table Extension Wing

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The Ultimate Maker Table Extension Wings are made to attach straight to any side of our existing tables, whether your bought our Universal Maker Table DXF Files, or ordered an Ultimate Maker Table parts kit from us. 

The top and bottom holes on the side have been slotted to line up with either version of our table, while keeping a flat smooth surface, as well as maintaining the 5/8" holes on 2" spacing layout.

Overall Dimensions:

60" x 12" x 6"

1/4" Thick

5/8" holes spaced 2" on center


What's the difference between the Universal DXF Files and the Ultimate Maker Table?

It really comes down to one thing, tolerance.  The UNIVERSAL DXF files have a tolerance of 0.03" (1/33") built into each connection to compensate for the variable kerf in plasma, laser and waterjet cutting operations.  This is why the files work on any well maintained CNC machine.  On the other hand, the Ultimate Maker Table Parts Kit is designed with 0.0002" (1/5000") tolerance so they can only be cut on a high precision laser and only available as parts directly from us so we can control the quality.

 *Free shipping applies to the lower 48 contiguous United States only.

Can you cut my logo/design out of metal?

The only way to tell if your logo or design is possible is to send me an artwork file and the dimensions. I need both pieces of info to tell you what is possible.



I currently offer a RAW STEEL finish as standard on all signs. Left untreated the sign will rust and develop a natural patina completely unique to your environment. Due to the nature of raw steel, each piece will vary in look, giving you a unique piece. 

The INDOOR FLAT CLEAR coat is the best option if you like the look of the raw steel. It is an oil based clear coat that will hold up well inside and is easy to clean. This finish leaves the steel a few shades darker, sometimes even black. 

A UV protected SILVER, GLOSS CLEAR or FLAT BLACK powder coat will protect the steel in the toughest conditions including outside in wet and salty environments. Powder coat is a thick industrial coating that is VOC free and holds up for many years.


Custom and Personalized Orders

If you like a design but want something tweaked, changed, massaged or added, let me know and I can work up a truly unique piece for you. My custom work is priced by the size and finish selected. Contact me and I will set up a Custom Listing just for you!

See the Policies page for more info.


Why choose Maker Table?

Maker Table is about more than metal. I want to help you create something special for your unique space using your inspiration, ideas, and ideology through art. Each piece is balanced between your wants, my technology, and an overarching desire to deliver on an expectation. I'm a real person that cares about everything that I MAKE. Where are you going to get that in the 21st century?


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The free shipping discount applies to orders that are 3 feet and under. Free shipping to lower 48 contiguous United States only. Excludes Alaska, Hawaii, and all other US territories and foreign countries.