Ultimate Patio Paradise Guide

Ultimate Patio Paradise Guide

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Patio paradise, outdoor oasis, or backyard bash? Whatever you call it, your patio is the ultimate summer hang spot! For the past year, we became adjusted to the "outdoor social life" - inspiring many to revamp their outdoor space! Indoor time is so 2019, outdoor living is where it's at. Below are some tips, tricks, and decor inspo to get you totally versed in the backyard life! 

Tip 1: Choose inviting patio furniture - Find your unique look and run with it! I always find that the most attractive spaces are ones that have character and you can feel the personality of the decorator coming through. Spaces that lack a certain personal touch don't feel quite as genuine. Keep this in mind when curating your outdoor space! 

Tip 2: Outdoor Wall Decor - You probably have an empty wall or two that could use some spicing up! Add decorative touches to add depth and dimension to the physical space. Empty walls aren't as exciting as walls with eye-catching decor. Adding a sign or wall hanging with a personalized family name, bar name, or catchy phrase is a super popular decor choice this season. Custom decor with funny jokes or phrases is a great conversation starter. 

Don't want to add holes to the exterior of your home? No worries! You can read all about different mounting options HERE.

Tip 3: Decorative Lights - Gorgeous globe lighting is so trendy right now! My home and backyard are covered with different light strands. I love the way that lighting can easily elevate a space. Keep it classic with dark, vintage bulbs, or get a little weird with it and add a pop of color! Outdoor lighting is both functional and decorative, what more can you ask for. 

Tip 4: Texture - Texture might not seem like something to take into consideration when curating your decor, however, texture is the epitome of a well-put-together look! When I talk about texture, I am referencing the "fine print" of your decor. This can include touches like rugs, throw pillows, floral arrangements, canopies, or table runners. Fun patterns also add a little somethin' somethin' to the feel of your space! 

Now that you have a few outdoor livin' tips - put them to good use and make the most of your patio this summer! 

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